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The gynocentric mindset

The concept of gynocentrism, first written about among men’s rights advocates on, but also discussed on blogs such as Under the Goddess and Gynocentrism and its Cultural Origins (whose premise I profoundly disagree with), describes a state of affairs … Continue reading

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The endgame: the male clan

Over the last several weeks, I have seen a few videos on YouTube discussing the “endgame” of the MGTOW – or Men Going Their Own Way – philosophy, which argues that men in the West should renounce their support for … Continue reading

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Women’s desire to influence

If there is any fundamental difference between men and women that I could vouch for, it is that men generally value actions, whereas women value influence; men believe that success involves performing actions properly so as to get the desired … Continue reading

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Why we need the artificial womb

The artificial womb, potentially to be invented sometime in the next 40 years, could dramatically benefit men – providing us with reproductive independence from women – and the world as a whole. This blog is here to encourage popular support … Continue reading

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