The endgame: the male clan

Over the last several weeks, I have seen a few videos on YouTube discussing the “endgame” of the MGTOW – or Men Going Their Own Way – philosophy, which argues that men in the West should renounce their support for their state (owing to the evil divorce courts that have, amongst their many other crimes, recently extorted 83% of a university professor’s salary) and for women as a group, while providing support strictly to those who reciprocate it. The endgame they propose involves raising awareness about female nature and the criminal behavior of the state in support of female nature, allowing men to take away their own rose-tinted glasses and wisely withdraw their support of women and the state.

While I agree to a great extent with the MGTOW philosophy and definitely support many of its adherents, I don’t ascribe to it myself, precisely because I have a vastly different endgame in mind. I care very deeply about the concepts of family and community, and to go my own way, devoting my life entirely or mostly to myself, would seem horrific to me. I say this from experience, having lived without a real family for the entirety of my life, and without the hope of having a family on occasion; this lack of hope is agonizing, in the literal sense, and I can think of nothing more debilitating than a life without people to care for.

Being devoted to the idea of the family, and understanding that female nature makes most women detrimental to the family as well as to family-minded men, I want to work towards an alternative. I want to help men establish male clans -male-only families that procreate by means of artificial wombs- if they so desire, living in communities that these clans shared with standard male-and-female families.

Some MGTOWs argue for separatism from women; I argue for opposition to female scum, but support towards good women. I simply acknowledge that, because most women are born hypergamous, there are always going to be fewer good women than good men in any setting, and so, notwithstanding more complicated arrangements such as polyandry that almost never materialize in the real world, a good community would have to incorporate male clans if everyone were to pass on their heritage.

Let me explain my own vision of the male clan, bearing in mind that one could doubtlessly conceive of other types of male-only families. I see the male clan as a group of men (perhaps as many as 20, or as few as 2 or 3) who maintain an artificial womb as their sole means of procreation. Reproduction would occur in vitro, without needing any kind of fertilization; indeed, the genetic material need not come from sperm at all, and the chromosomes could simply be inserted into an artificial cell. The origin of these chromosomes could be quite varied in theory – in some cases, they could come from one parent, from two parents (involving genetic recombination, and again, without anything even remotely related to their sexual organs or sperm cells) or in the same manner from the whole clan; they could even be partly synthetic, i.e. created from scratch. The child would grow up being raised by either the father (if there was no second genetic parent), or both genetic parents, with support from the clan overall. Sexuality would be completely out of the picture in the sort of male clan I envision, although I am sure that traditionalists would take issue with it as much as they do with homosexuals.

From an economic standpoint, there are many arguments in favor of the male clan. In the world today, we have a tremendous surplus of womb space, which persists entirely because of human psychology: thanks to modern contraception as well as the more disastrous effects of female nature, the women of Europe, if current trends continue, are estimated to produce an average of 1.54 children in their lifetimes, essentially depopulating the continent. As a woman could potentially conceive a child for each of 12 different men during her 20s, she is simply not producing children at her capacity. Artificial wombs would have no such limitation, and men would be perfectly happy to share them with other men.

Whereas in a standard marriage, each man must take on a woman and support her after she drops out of her career to play with the children (see this mention as an example), gaining two of his own children in the process, in a clan of men, each man would only contribute a small fraction to the cost of maintaining a single artificial womb, likewise gaining two of his own children in the process. A clan of 10 men, supported by one artificial womb, would easily outmatch five male-and-female families in productivity because men are more driven to work. From the men’s own perspective, it will undoubtedly be much cheaper (not to mention less stressful) to maintain a technological device than a woman.

Another obvious economic advantage would be the boost in nativity: currently, in the US, there are only 70 million fathers compared to 85 million mothers, which shows that women are a bottleneck to male reproduction. If we were able to reproduce independently, there might well be at least an extra 15 million fathers, and implicitly at least an extra 15 million children, in the US.

From a moral standpoint, male clans represent a means to overcome the social breakdown that has affected Europe and the Western world in general throughout the last half-century. Stable traditional families will certainly persist, but I would argue that without an alpha-male god to constantly tell women to submit to their husbands, women will tend to fly off into whatever “relationship” offers them the greatest personal advantage, unbridled by the objective morality that the wiser among men uphold. A very important source of social capital, therefore, would arise if male clans were to take hold, as none of their men would ever have the leverage to pull off the divorce fraud so many women pull today.

In the ideal case, a clan’s lineage, as well as to a lesser degree the lineages of individual members, would be of great importance to the members of the clan. Clans that did not emphasize their lineage, and instead were mere economic arrangements to ensure that everyone’s children were properly raised, would likely crumble or fare poorly due to the individualistic natures of their members. Clans that did, however, take on the honor, love and dedication of their members would likely persevere well beyond individual members’ lifetimes. In my own view, morality should overlie people’s adherence to their own clan (and more generally to their own family), and so the clans themselves, as well as their members, should ideally be embodiments of genuine moral principles, but this is, unfortunately, not necessary for the survival of a given clan in perpetuity.

It’s true that the male clan would not be for most men, as there are many who wish to pursue sexuality with women out of hedonism. It is these very same men who are not interested in establishing families to begin with, however; I personally only see sexuality as a means to strengthen bonds and produce children, and since I can establish the very same bonds with men through non-sexual means (such as through affectionate hugs, honourable deeds etc), I would be happy to renounce sexuality altogether for the sake of taking part in a clan.

There are also traditionalists who believe that families should only be formed between one man and one woman, perhaps with the woman being humble before the man. All I can say to these people is that without my competition, they will have more women per traditionalist man to choose between, and thus an easier time keeping their societies from disintegrating under the acid rain of modernity.

Hedonists and (biological) traditionalists would not wish to live in a male clan. I am nevertheless one of the people who do, and I look forward to hearing from others who take the same attitude. The more such people begin to discuss ideas along the lines of the male clan, the easier it will be for us (or for men of later generations) to establish our loving families and communities once artificial wombs become available. I do invite you to share your ideas, to write comments here or perhaps even your own blogs and other forms of media; if the male clan, or anything similar, is what you want to go towards, let’s work together to that end.

Just thinking about the lives of the eventual clansmen themselves, I start to imagine how wonderful it would be for the older members of the clan to celebrate a coming-of-age, or the birth of a new member; to share in the simple joys of a meal and the tasks of a decade-long project. I can conceive of the love they would shower upon the newborn as well as the reverence they would give the deceased. How could a good man not welcome and pursue these things, walking away from the self-absorbed princesses of today to join the loving clans of tomorrow?

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